Writing “Discussion section” of an article

Discussion generally summarizes the main findings of the current research work and compares and contrasts with the previous work and finally explains the clinical implication of the current work with the limitations the current work had. Discussion section of a scientific paper can be compared with a closing argument during a legal case discussion in […]

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How to write the “result section” of an article?

The result section of an article describes to the reader the outcome and finding of the research in a clear and concise manner. It is the reflection of the “method section”. It explains what the authors found from the research. The function of the result section is to objectively present the text result without interpretation. […]

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Writing “Methods” section of an article

The method section of any article ideally ties “the introduction” to “the results” section to create a clear story line. It should present the obvious approach to answer the research questions and define the structure in which the result will be presented later. The method section of an article should allow readers to: • Understand […]

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How to write “introduction section” of an article?

A “good introduction” makes up a “good article” Introduction is the most read section of an article. The quality of the introduction attracts the readers to further proceed to read the entire article. A good article will generate interest among the reader towards the research work. It is therefore critical part of an article, thus […]

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How to write “the title” of an Article?

The title is one of the most important parts of an article. It gives the first impression about a paper or an article. It is also freely available to everyone online. Thus it should be catchy to draw the attention of the readers. At the same time, it should be brief but long enough to […]

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