Tell me exercises for Low Back Pain!!!

My friends, relatives and other people I know keep asking this to me all the time, “tell me some exercises for low back pain!!!”. They ask me in all weird ways such as over text message, facebook, phone etc and in unsuitable places such as while crossing a road, when meeting in social functions (wedding ceremonies, dance […]

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#NepalEarthquake- An Experience

Big earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale that occurred in Nepal on 25th April 2015 devastated the lives of many. With countless aftershakes, another big shake of 7.3 Richter scale added to the existing damage in terms of human lives, physical and psychological trauma, with catastrophic feelings and fear of tremors. Although the intensity of earthquake […]

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Knee Joint assessment

  This post will direct undergraduate year 1 students to perform a brief assessment of a patient with knee pain.  5a knee pain assessment from Saurab Sharma 5b observation of Knee Joint from Saurab Sharma   6 knee joint palpation from Saurab Sharma 7 knee assessment examination from Saurab Sharma

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Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Practice- What is it and how to do?

What is Evidence Based Physiotherapy Practice (EBP)? Steps in EBP “Nothing could be more humanistic than using evidence to find the best possible approach to care” (Jules Rothstein, PT, PhD) Background: Any empirical observation about the apparent relation between events constitutes potential evidence. “The conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making […]

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Improvising professional development in developing countries

Professional development is a key factor for improvement of self and profession. Physiotherapy is among one of the newest and emerging professions in Nepal (a developing country in South East Asia)  that has yet to show its importance in health sector in comparison to other fields in health care system in Nepal. I believe professional development can […]

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Challenges to Physiotherapy Profession in Nepal

I believe every physiotherapist wishes to contribute for the physiotherapy profession, but the barriers they have are the culprit which is restricting the growth of physiotherapy as a profession. Barriers or the challenges may include work over-load at work place, lack of time due to personal reasons, limited time and resources, lack of co-operation from […]

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